Happy Hour: 4-7pm Daily, 10-11pm Mon-Thurs
2609 Hyperion Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 

The Place
Barbarella is a "bar lounge," attached to Pizzeria Lago in Silver Lake that opened in 2009. Its name comes from a French comic book turned-Jane Fonda movie from the 60s. Luckily, this inspiration does not extend to the decor or cuisine. 

Their happy hour runs daily from 4-7pm and 10-11pm from Monday to Thursday, also with two for one cocktails on Sunday. Their huge happy hour menu includes 16 specialty cocktails and martinis for $6 and 18 beers on tap ranging from $4-7. Their food offerings include standard appetizer fare, salads and pizzas at around $10. 

Barbarella has the expected bar atmosphere with the welcome additions of open air windows and ample, plush lounge seating. Depending on your seat and mood, you could be at a dive bar or a hip nieghborhood spot. The crowd and noise level was low in the early parts of happy hour, picking up slightly towards the end. The amount of people there can also fluctuate depending on if there is an NFL game on. They have numerous TVs around and even a projector TV, so no matter where you are sitting you likely have a decent view of any game you might want. Despite its location and amount of TVs, it did not feel overly like a solely hipster or sports bar type of place--though this may change during Sunday GameDay or the Hipster Full Moon. 

Behind one of the largest cocktail selections on a happy hour menu lies very little variety of flavor. All ooze sweetness, abound with every sort of berry and color of the rainbow. Even the moscow mule and el diablo come out pink and slightly sweet from peychaud's bitters and creme de cassis, respectively. They are only $6 and decently sized, so you could theoretically go in to insulin shock on a budget. The much greater value and taste comes in their beer selection, with many local selections on tap for very reasonable prices. You would hard pressed to find a happy hour with a better beer selection at this price, or one with as many colorful cocktails. 
El Diablo and Moscow Mule
Upon quenching your thirst, every bar food staple is at your disposal--wings, tacos, sliders, pizzas, all at prices that makes you wonder what they normally charge. Other than their fries, you will be shelling out at least $8 to make the drinks go down faster.  It feels more like you are ordering from a regular menu at regular prices--you get all the options but you have to pay for them. While digestible if you split the well-portioned items, the prices and the offerings feel somewhat outdated. Once you dig in, you won't be blown away by flavor but it will likely satisfy your need to accompany a beverage.
Margherita Pizza
Potential or Actual Kitschy Name for their Happy Hour:  Haphaperlla Hour

The Details: 
Happy Hour: 4-7pm Daily, 10-11pm Mon-Thurs
Price: $$
Address: 2609 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027
Drinks: Cocktails $6, Beer $5-7
Food: American, $8-12
Parking: There is limited parking behind the building and metered parking on Hyperion.

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